3.7 Security question - Permission to run the G/L Account table

I am assisting w/ assigning permissions in 3.70A and have run into the following problem:

One user receives the message “You do not have permission to run the G/L Account table. Contact sys mgr…” when trying to post an invoice.

Typically I would understand this to mean that I need to allow rights to the G/L Account table which is 15. The following 3 Roles have rights to that table:


G/L-ACCOUNT, EDIT actually has Read, Insert, Modify, & Delete rights by default so after assigning G/L-ACCOUNT, EDIT to the user and synchronizing, why would the same error appear? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


If my terminology is incorrect, please let me know, but if you understand the issue I’m having, at least acknowledge that much. Even if you don’t know the exact answer, any thoughts could be helpful. Thanks

I don’t know when it is possible to get such error, saying that you can not “run” the table, but if user get it, I think that he needs right to Execute the table. I think that such message could apppear if you try to Run table from object designer, but I don’t understand why he needs that in posting procedure…

I’ve just asked the user to confirm once more and the issue only appears when posting intercompany so that narrows it down a bit hopefully.

I’m with the user that suggested that actual table permission (in addition to the table data access already assigned) could be needed.

It’s possible that the message has to do with access to execute the table. This fixed the issue for us before.



Oddly enough, granting permission to the G/L-Journal, Post role for all companies took care of it. Thanks for the help.