3.7 Lanham ADCS!

I have FINALLY seen the Lanham and Assoc add-on product to ADCS. Lanham has turned what was is basically an unuseable product into something quite functional. Building on 2.6 RF concepts they appear to have a pretty solid set of tools to make good use of ADCS. Nice features like Bin Inquiry (what’s supposed to be in a bin or in what bins can I find an item), Dynamic Put-Away (move anything via scanning without the need for a warehouse document to be generated first) and some other functions including improved phyiscal inventory features. It also has a bunch other nice things like not having to do the “place” step on a pick-ticket or being able to use the item cross reference table for item number field. On another note, one very nice thing about ADCS in general is the speed. Quite a bit faster than 2.6 RF. Our old Teklogix scanners can be reconfigued to use ADCS - nothing to buy just changing settings. Additionally, the beta site for the Lanham ADCS has been up for 2 months without ADCS crashing. I don’t think we’ve stayed up for 2 days on 2.6 RF. Sorry, I’m sure I sound like a salesman but I’ve been waiting for this for some time. Also, in another thread I said I would post my observations when I saw this product. In summary, this add-on makes ADCS a little bit better than 2.6 RF from a functionality standpoint. But when you combine it with the speed and stability of ADCS (3.7a ADCS) it is truely a great product.