3.7 Engine Upgrade causing problem with some Matri

We have upgraded our 3.6 database with 3.7 Executables. There are a few custom matrix forms that I created a long time ago that don’t work anymore. As soon as I run them it closes out of Navision. Anyone else ever experienced this?

Hi, I have had this problem once with a form created under 1.3. After upgrading the database and using 2.6 clients it showed the same behavior as you mentioned. Recompile helped but only to run the form. If I tried to design or debug it the client closed itself without any error message. I exported the object as a text and changed some ID’s manually in the textfile (e.g. from 12300050024 to 50024 and so on). After that I have had no problem anymore. Hope this hepls.

This crash is a known bug in 3.70 which is anticipated to have an upcomming service pack fix. Incidentally, did you get the opportunity to send a Windows Error Report which the crash occured?

Yes I did

Hello, I had the same problem, finaly, the guys from MBS found the problem. I had the following code in the OnOpenForm of my matrix form : SETRANGE(“Replenishment System”,RequisitionSystemFilter); CurrForm.PackagingTypeMatrix.MatrixRec.SETRANGE(“Packaging Level” ,CurrForm.PackagingTypeMatrix.MatrixRec.“Packaging Level”::“0”); If you define a local variable “Packaging Type” as REC(Packaging Type) and change the last line to the following it works. CurrForm.PackagingTypeMatrix.MatrixRec.SETRANGE(“Packaging Level”,“Packaging Type”.“Packaging Level”::Primary); In the original version, even when I changed the ::“0” to ::Primary, after saving and reopening the code, it was changed back to “0”. now everything works fine for me. I hope this may help you. Francis

You have identified the problem exactly. Its the CurrForm.PackagingTypeMatrix.MatrixRec.“Packaging Level”::“0”); line that causes the problem. Another way to fix this (I just discovered) would be as follows: CurrForm.PackagingTypeMatrix.MatrixRec.SETRANGE(“Packaging Level”,0); Use the number of the option field instead of the ::“Primary”.