3.56A: Moving from Win95 to W2k

I have just moved from Win95 to W2kPro on one of our workstations. They connect to a WinNT server. I just copied the c:\navi356 directory and the shortcut and at first everything seemed to work fine. BUT! The program can’t print to the network printer shared on the server. It says that it “cant write to the file \server\printer”. If I try to print to lpt1 the program just freezes. The second problem is that Navision uses 100% of the CPU resources on this w2k! I’m using navi.exe. When trying to use navin.exe I get an error that the lilcense type is not for this OS. Can anyone help?

Hej Jens, what you need is to contact your NSC to get the granule 1520 - Win32 Execution. I think it is about 5000 C/Shells. This will allow to run your server with navin.exe on the Win32 platform. /Soren

Actually it’s just the client, but I guess that’s the same or what?