3.10 database with 3.70 exe

Hi, Can somebody help me with this error message? When I try to open the database with the 3.70 client: “The ID connection field does not exist in the Microsoft SQL table or view” I just restored a 3.10 database on a test server and try to open it with a 3.70 client Thanks

How did you restore the database? New database 3.70 and restored the FBK of 3.10?

Create a new database with the 3.70 client. Then use Ent. Manager to compare the views in your old database with the vies in the new database. You will see that Navision from 3.60 (i think it was) has changed to english fieldnames in the views. You can change these names manually in the views “database file” and “session” in You old database if You like. The best way is of course to use backup and restore. Then You don’t get this kind of problems.