3.01A to 3.6 upgrade conflict

I’m experimenting with an upgrade of 3.01A to 3.7, but encounter a conflict when I try to import the .Fob of objects exported from 3.7 following upgrade of source. When it tries to add in the production order table (5405) it tells me that an object with that name already exists in the database (table 99000791). Any suggestions what I may have done wrong? FWIW, this is the procedure I have followed, as I understand it from the Upgrade toolkit document for 3.7. Preperation 1. Create new database (New.dbf). 2. Restore database.fbk from Navision 3.7 program directory on PC. This populates standard objects into database, so include Cronus, Command data and application objects. 3. Import any bespoke development (prepared in 3.7). 4. Export all objects in database (AllObj.fob) Upgrade 1. Open 3.01A database into C/SIDE 3.7. 2. Compile all objects. 3. Import Upgrade301370.1.fob from Navision upgrade toolkit. 4. Run report 104026 – correct any identified problems on table 5408. 5. Delete all records from Warehouse Activity Header table 5766. 6. Run codeunit 104045 for each company in database. 7. Delete all objects except tables from database. 8. Import AllObj.fob. Replace all existing.

I think you need an additional codeunit (104047) to Rename these Tables. Check the Upgrade toolkit for the exact order, but I think it goes between 6 and 7. I am basing this on the US Upgrade kit, but your steps should be similar.

You’re right Chris, I was missing 104047. Ran this and everything went fine. However, I had omitted running the code unit because of the following statement within point 3 of the upgrade process document “Or, if upgrading from 3.01 or 3.10, just run this codeunit: 104045 Upgrade 3.70 Step 1” Good fun though. Thanks a lot for the help.