25 fields in Sumindex,how?

hi all,

i have a table with 26 fields, and need to map 25 out of it as sumindex to a single field.

can anyone help me out here?


Hi Shona,

I hope you’ve gone through some kind of documentation regarding SIFT. Just to quote from ADG for NAV 5

A SumIndexField is always associated with a key and each key can have a maximum of
20 SumIndexFields associated with it.

So, you cannot map 25 fields as Sum Index fields.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need such a functionality?



I would ask the question “25 field in Sumindex,WHY?”

If you need more flowfields than allowed, take a look at NAV’s own solution using table 5821:“Item Statistics Buffer”; it is used in standard report 712.

hi All,

i solved the problem Myself! but thanks you all.

Dave i have 26 fields in a table and i needed to calucate their values vertically! so i used “calcsum” and hence needed to set the values as Sumindex!

i solved it by creating a table called Total and keeping a copy of all the extra fields in that. And i used flowfield(sum) for all the fields i kept in this new table. this total table now will have the vertical total of the fields. i just hardcoded it and took the value from here to my Main table.

Hope you all understand:)

Thank You.