2016 Reports - Show or hide row groups


I’m having problem hiding a group when a certain Datasets are empty.

I’ve come across many solutions how to hide a single property if empty but no one has worked for me.

Is there a some trick to hide a whole Group if some Sales Line property is empty for example?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to hide some sales line which fulfill a particular condition then you may use CURRREPORT.SKIP function. This will skip the rows which you do not want to show in your report print.

Hi gmarteinsson,

You can try Mr. Sharma’s solution by skipping the rows before the dataset.
Or in the report layout, did you try set the visibility of you group with function COUNTDISTINCT()?


I agree with Ishwar suggested… also you can try with the Visibility and Filters properties of group in layout…

If you are making the report in VS, I’ve used a formula in the row visibility in order to hide it if it meets certain criteria. For example:
=IIF(Fields!Type.Value like “PR*” OR Fields!ItemId.Value like “*C” OR Fields!ItemId.Value like “”,True,False)

The last part of that equation in if ItemID is empty so hopefully that is what you are looking for. If you need help finding where to put that in your report, let me know.

Thanks that worked.

Hi Andrew, I tried this and it worked to an certain extend. However when I was to hide the whole group the empty value didn’t work for me. For example when you don’t want Sales person’s group to show if that person has no sales.

If you have any suggestions on what I did wrong I really want to know.

This is the formula I used:

=IIF(Fields!SomeItem.Value = “”, TRUE, FALSE)

I ended up using Ishwar Sharma solution.