2012 data porting from excel

Dear all,

In excel wen i am defining add tables,when i am clicking ok after selection i am getting error as shown below:

Dynamics AX Error

The table [InventJournalTrans] has surrogate foreign key expansion errors:
The table [InventJournalTrans] surrogate foreign key field [ReasonRefRecId] related table [ReasonTableRef] does not have a replacement key.




Dear Nanjappa,

Good day for you.

I’m facing the same problem but with another tables , Did you reached the Cause??

Appreciated your feedback

Mohamed Salah

In excel for ax 2012, the excel file needs the data in table which is unique.

You may say that recid is unique but excel doesnt allow recid to take as unique.

So u need to define the key for the table which makes the data unique.

If u can not make the data unique with the data u have, then u should create a field and insert some data which makes the data unique.

in the error mentioned, it is saying that reasontableref table has no unique data