2009 RTC Report creation using RDLC


I am a newer one 2009 RTC report creation in VS RDLC.

I changed one report Item Sale order to RDLC format by clicking ’ Create Layout Suggestion’. In this report the list of Sales Order related to a particular item .

The report format is as follows:

item no : XXXX

Sales order Invioice Lines of above item : Sales Order No,descreiption,Qty, Outstanding Qty , unit cost ,amount ,

At the end of each item I wanted to found the group total qty and amount. The amount calculation had some extra calculation in addition to Sum of the sales line’s amount dispalyed in the report.

Thus calucuted amount’s group total & grand Total field is also needed to display in the report.

While I converted to RDLC , I got all fields displayed correcly excepect the Group Total & Grand Total.

Why I am not getting the Amount’s Group total & Grand Total . Why the report is not taking the codes I entered in Sales Invoice Lines_OnAfterGetRecord() trigger.Any way to get the Group Total & Grand Total calculated using programing.

Plz help… I tried in many ways but i didn’t get it correctly. Plz help me to solve.