2009 R2 XMLport problem - decimal fields not imported

Hello. I have an XMLport pulling records from a text file into the general journal.

The XMLport “works”, that is it creates records in the journal and populates the fields, but where it fails is it doesn’t insert the last three values in each line, which happen to be Amount, Debit Amount, and Credit amount.

The xmlport properties that seem to be relevant are:

ID: 50100

Name: Import

GL Direction: Import

Format: Variable

Text FieldDelimiter: <">

FieldSeparator: <,>

Those three fields look like this in the text file:



All the records are properly inserted into the General Journal table and all the other fields are populated, but Amount, Debit Amount, and Credit Amount are blank.

I have carefully verified that the order of the xmlport fields matches the order of the text file fields. These three fields look the same as the others in the XMLport (e.g., Node Name = Amount; Node type = Element; Source Type = Field; Data Source = Gen. Journal Line::Amount).

The only thing I can see that is different about these three fields is that they are decimals. However, I have exported the XML to text and verified that the dataport fields are type ‘decimal’.

Any thoughts??

Thanks very much.


Quick idea… What about decimal delimiter in WIN Regional settings? (in PC where you do importing - is it DOT as in your source file).

If input file is prepared on one PC and import itself is done on another one, I have had numerous problems for years.

Worst case is, when these two PC have different WIN locales, but even within the same locale you can have unequal Regional settings.

Thanks Modris, I’ll try that…