2000000061 - User Menu Level

I get a timeout error {1222, “42000”. Lock Request Timeout period Exceeded} when trying to Synchronize all users or even a single user, when i include this table into the ALL Roles which all users have associated to them.

If i take this table out, the synchronize goes through fine, but i obviously get errors when i try to log in as one of those users - you do not have permission to the User Menu Level Table.

I have changed the Lock Timeout Duration to 60 Seconds but still get the error, should i try this when everyone is off the database ??(Have had to make everyone dbo in SQL to get round the problem for now)

Also how liberal should i be with the timeout Duration??

I know there are lots of posts around Synchronizing but couldn’t find anything specific to this table.

Also all the posts seem to be of the same nature Complaining about Synchronize feature and how very bad and time comsuming it is too.

Thanks for any help.

You can also remove the “Lock timeout”. Then you synchronize and then put it back.
This exists only since 4.00SP1.
Before Navision worked like “Lock timeout”=NO. So Navision waited indefinitly until the record is freed again.

Thanks for that, i will try this out and post my findings.