2000 Posts!

I want to congratulate David Singleton on his 2000th post![Wow!] Keep on posting![^]

Bah, he’s cheating! He’s paying teenagers to post on his behalf… [:p] [:D] Just kidding, of course… congratulations!

Yes, he did it! [:D] Congratulations! You’re doing a great job for this website and his users!

It is only 50 of us - teenagers. It is still a lot of work…[:P] Teenagers

See, I knew it, I just knew it…


[:I] Thanks marq and every one. Believe it or not I get more out of this forum than I put in. And the more I contribute the more I get back. I have been posting now on Nolug for 9 years now. And learn something new every time I try to resolve an issue posted here. I can recommend all those new to Navision to try out the problem, and answer as many questions as you can. (That’s why I suggested the Beginers forum). Believe me its much easier and cheaper to learn from other peoples mistakes than from your own. Thanks Erik, for creating a medium such as this. When I joined, there were 20 members, now there are 20,000 Keep up the great work. PS I’m not sure of the exact startdate of Nolug, but isn’t 10 years coming up? Wasn’t it like June 1996 or there about that you started? If so, I can see a 10 year “re”-union happening. PPS to my 50 teenager helpers; in celebration, I will buy you all a Lobster dinner in New York next month.

applause Thank YOU David. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to 2000 posts, we’re fortunate to have you on this board. [Yeah!]

Congratulation also from my side, this forum definitly would be the same with your input and expertise. Saludos Nils

Congratulations - and good luck with the book - keep at it.

Again thanks. The book got stalled for technical reasons. A core isssue is that I want it to be possible for users to download it to their local computer, and run it very simply, I also want to be able to use user selected CSS files, so that you can easily change it to read on a PDA of convert to word or print etc. AND to addto all that, an obviuos aim of the book is to make it multi lingual. Oh and the main requirement, is that it has to be FREE, that is ciritical as far as I am concerned, AND on top of that I need to have a mechanism where NSCs can legal take the book, and modify it to their implementation strategy or their vertical product, so I need to sort out clear licencing structures. (Maybe to modify the source you will have to pay… maybe). Oh and I am trying to make the book a beginners guide, so I have to go back and re think some of the over techy stuff that the book curently contains. Thus basically I had to eliminate PHP since a basica computer user is not going to install a local PHP server. I want to get away from java if possible, but I can’t find an easy way to change css files without java or php. I am writting in the background at the moment, and expect the technical issues sorted out soon, and then to publish a whole bunch of chapters pretty fast around christmas.

Sorry for the delay, not been on this forum too much recently, but congratulations David. I would offer to race you to 3000, but it would fruitless from my perspective with the level of postings you make - you are an invaluable member of the forum and thank you for all of your contributions. On an aside, the learning element where David looks at posts and learns from them is exactly how I use the forum, the manufacturing and supply chain forums have helped me build my very little knowledge to a little knowledge. [:D] I recommend you all join in!

2000 posts - impressive! [Wow!] And I bet that number doesn’t even include your postings to the NOLUG mailing list back in the days… (before the war)

What I find striking; He hasn’t made a post in three days! He still on 2000. [8D] It looks nice, maybe that’s it. Off course posts in Break Space don’t count…

Hi Tino, just took a short vacation, I had intermittent internet access, but didn’t want to get even close to work. Just got back yesterday.

David, Welcome back. Hope you had a nice vacation! Just saw that the post-counter can go over 2000. Too bad. 2001 doesn’t looks as nice as 2000… [:D]

Just a break from the computer etc. My book was not moving, and needed to clear the thoughts out. Now ready to get back to it.