2 or more items produced from one Item

Hi all, I do know that including a negative quantity on a Bill of Material can make us meet ascenario where more than one items are produced from a single item. I have a question to this.The system generates dependant requirements from a BOM explosion.But does the system also considfer the negative quantity item for further planning., Eg… A & B are produced from C. For planning run, Req. A: 200, REqd. B: 300.A & B are made from C. On BOM for A, I mention B= -200 so that I can show output of B when I produce A. But, B also has another BOM which is other than the one for A. So ideally, THe system should consider 200 B from the production of 200 A and throw a production order for 100 B with it’s own BOM. has any one tried this in Attain? What amount of developement is required if this is not an out of the box functionality? Regards, DD

Hi Dharmendra, It works without any customization: I have experimented as under: 1.Created Item A. 2.Created Item B. 3.Created Item C. 4.created Item D. 5.Created BOM A for Item A using C as Positive and B as negative component. 6.Created BOM B for Item B using D as Positive Component. 7.Created demand as A=25 and B=50 through Demand Forecast. 9.Assigned BOM A to Item A and B to Item B. 10.Ran Planning worksheet and the result is: Two seperate lines suggesting to create two Production Orders, one for 25 Nos of A and another one for 25 No of B. As it could be observed, the negative consumption of B in the Production order for A is considered and another production order only for balance qty of 25 Nos of B is suggested. Further, while suggesting Production order for B, it has considered the BOM used for B. Hope this would meet your requirement. Regards. A.Kashinath

Oh Thanx Kashi. I got the same results y’day itself.It would have saved me lots of time had u replied earlier. It works exacttly as you described. I am even taking it further to prove Navision’s claim of being able to plan on the fly with highest flexibilty. My MPS items have this criteria.There are number of such finished goods also with variable units of measure.There are 6 levels down the MPs items. And it’s realy going to be fun.I have used everything.Get actioin messeges,Refresh planning lines,Net change plan and the king regenerative calculation. Thanx again, DD

¿and Family bom use?

Hi DD, Watch out for Double Quantity for Item B.

Hi Kashi, related to what you said: 1. How can you still be able to deduct automatically D from the stock? 2. If the demand is just for Item A ( sales Order) but item B is still needed to be produced, how can I make sure that I still produce B but also deducting B from stock to produce A??? Thanks

Hi Tatiana In answer to your quesitons (if I can be so presumptuous Kashi[:D]) 1. D is only deducted from the production order using BOM B. No consumption of D occurs in BOM A unless it is a component. As B is a buy-product it could be feasible D is not consumed with BOM A. 2. B is not deducted from stock when making A it is produced, so irrelevant of the demand for B, B will be produced when A is produced, the only question is whether the B output from the production of A is enough to cover the demand of B and if it is not then as Kashi showed a separate fulfillment is generated for B That sounds even more complicated than when it was originally described [:D]. I suggest you set up the scenario and see the outcome.