2 Navision 3.56.A as Server

[:(!] We need 2 Navision 3.56 A running for 2 different CCAPS-Databases. Is there anybody who knows how to setup 2 NaviServx services and how to set up the client-site On the Server (Windows 2003) i created 2 Services: [^] d:\ccaps\servern.exe serverno=1,nettype=tcp,database=d:\ccaps\database,installasservice [^]d:\ccaps_it\servern.exe serverno=2,nettype=tcp,database=d:\ccaps_it\database_it,installasservice On the clients (windows XPPro): [V] d:\ccaps\ccapsn.exe serverno=1,nettype=tcp,id=%username% [V] d:\ccaps_it\ccapsn.exe serverno=2,nettype=tcp,id=%username% On the Client the hosts was set: NAVISERV1 # ccaps NAVISERV2 # ccaps_it I get a proper connect to the naviserv1 but not for the naviserv2 this one hangs Do i have to define something in the services like? naviserv1 2407/tcp # ccaps naviserv2 2408/tcp # ccaps_it ??? groet Wim

You are absolutely right about the services file. You have to make the changes on both the server and the client machine. After this you must restart the server services. 2407 is Navisions standard port, so that one is actually not neccessary. Let me know if you need more help.

Hi Preben, thanks, it seems to work now. groet Wim