2 Different COGS Account GL Distribution based on Customer

My client is using 2 different COGS account for Domestic as well as International. So when I make a Sales Order for Domestic customer then the Domestic COGS account should hit. In the same way when I make a Sales Order for International Customer then the international COGS account should hit in the finance.
How can I achieve the same requirement in AX-2009 ? If anyone faced the same requirement and found the solution, I kindly request you to share the same knowledge here.
Thanks in Advance.

Hi Sajeesh,

You can achieve it through standard system. Go to inventory management → Setup → Posting → Posting.

In that form you can see item posting for different transactions. You need to go to the sales order tab and select consumption.

There you can define posting account for item and customer (either individual customer, customer group or all customers).

Modify posting setup there. If international and domestic customer have separate groups then assign concumption as per group or indicudual customer level.


Hi Sajeesh ,

You can acheive the functioality using standard system in AX 09& 12 as explained by Pranav.

But what is the point of having two COGS accounts based on the customer classification . ( what is business logic) ?

Dear Pranav,

Thanks a lot for your quick response and help. This really solved my problem.

A ton of thanks to you.

@Ameen, I will post the business scenarion in later, as stuck in between with some work :slight_smile: Please wait couple of days, sorry for delay man.