2 attain 3.60 server versions on one w2000 server

Hi! I have a windows 2000 server with attain 3.60 w with its own database running. I want have at the same time a second attain 3.60 w server version running on that windows 2000 server. Is that possible? Must I install 2 times the server version? Please give me exact steps how I could realize that? Thanks

you have modify the files host and services, in w2k c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc hosts (for example) server1 server2 * Server IP services (for example) SERVER1 10001/tcp #SERVER 1 port 10001 TCP SERVER1 10001/udp #SERVER 1 port 10001 UDP SERVER2 10002/tcp #SERVER 2 port 10002 TCP SERVER2 10002/udp #SERVER 2 port 10002 UDP * both files without extension * the ports (10001-10002) free in windows are over 1024. you can use anybody over 1024 generally copy this files to clients (W98 - c:\windows, W2k or Wxp - c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc) run the client and connect with one server (server1 or server2 in this example). Vísperas. =========

In fact you don’t need the udp lines on services. Just the tcp ones… You’ll need also to copy the navision attain server folder into a different folder so you’ll have two copies of the program. The best way for installing the servers as service (so you don’t have to start them manually) is thru the command shell, by using SERVER DATABASENAME=mypathtomydatabase\database1.fdb,SERVERNAME=Server1,INSTALLASSERVICE Regards,