2.65c Upgrade - Report bitmaps don't print

Just finished upgrading to Financials 2.65 from 2.6 – Problem is that the bmp’s in reports no longer show in preview, nor print. I can compile reports with these bmps just fine. Anyone have thoughts?

If you imported navision objects using text mode and those objects where reports using bmp’s for printing, you’ll have to have the file with the bmp on the same folder the bmp was supposed to be originally first time. An easy trick if you’re not having a lot of reports where the problem is is just going to the old version (as usually you’re not having the previous bmp’s anymore)and print the report in the old version choosing the save as html option, that way you’ll get a copy of the .bmp file on the folder you’re choosing to save the file, so you can re-use that .bmp on the reports (just re-enter the source file path and re-compile). Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es