2.50 Navision Server Service on 2003 Server

I have a Windows Server 2003 running. I tried to install 2.50 but ran into errors. I went through the Windows Add/Remove to remove the server, but the Service still remains. My questions are as followed 1. Can 2.50 be run on Windows 2003 Server? 2. If NOT, then how can I get rid of the service from the Services? Is it entirely a Registry modification? 3. If it’s Registry modification then has anyone ever had to do this? And if so, which registries did you have to modify? Thanks in advance D

  1. Yes. No problem. You can run any version on w2k3 2. Look in the list of services what name the Navision database server has. Let’s say it says “Navision database server NAV1”. Then You open a command prompt, go to the directory where You have server.exe and type “server.exe servername=NAV1, uninstallasservice”. That should do it! To intstall the server I recommend You to start it with all the appropriate parameters in a dos box to see that it’s running fine. Then stop the server and add “installasservice” as the last parameter ant hit enter. Then You have the server as a service. It’s much easier to find erros this way since You wil get better error messages if anything is wrong. //Lars

On new servers with a lot of memory, the Navision server cache is often set to big by the installation wizard. Navision server can only handle max 900Mb cache. Setting a higher value will give you the “incorrect function” error when starting the service. As Lars says installing the service through command prompt will give you full controll.

I went ahead and did it via command line and everything worked out just fine. Thanks