16hours to run a adjustment cost process (monthly) ??


I´m from Brazil, and started to use the Navision 5.0 for the first time in my life 3 days ago, and my first challenge is to understand why the Cost Process needs 16hours to run?

It´s normal?

Has it ever been run before? or is this the first time?

we like to run the adjust cost batch job directly on the server to increase it’s speed.
also, I like to run it at least 1x a week, usually at the end of the day and when I return in the morning it’s done.

How big is the Database, how many items, how many trnasactions, do you have manufacturing, how many transfers. etc etc. And of course as Harry asks how often do you run it.

if you don’t give any information you cant get any meaning full answers.

And - What is your server configuration?

Thanks so much for all answers;

1st. The server is OK (disk, memory, etc), because we contracted a Microsoft certified professional for this issue.

2nd. The Database 17,1 GB., . The cost processes handle 70.000 lines (we are a manufactory)

And please, ask me if you need more information, and again thank you so much for your help


So it’s probably the server that is the issue then.

  1. Run Adjustment

  2. Filter on Item Card - “Cost is Adjusted” = No

How many items did not adjust? Try to understand Why?


Tks… the steps 1 and 2 - we made. (2 days ago)

Zero items remain. (we can see now in this test base)

But, the total time to process (2 days ago) took 16hs

Did you run Adjust cost before? If this is first time it should be faster next time. 70000 records – 16 hours still looks very long time. You still need to look at server configuration:

  1. Size of RAM?

  2. HDD – number of drives and configuration. Where is database located? Where is Log located?

  3. What processor do you use?

Yes we did this process before, but make sense this information, and I believe that in the next time this should be faster.

Do you can see any problem in DB and LOG be there in the same HD ?

Again… tks so much for your help


  1. RAM is too low. You will need 12GB min but better use more

  2. DB and Log has to be on different phisical drives…

  3. Get more HDD’s - min 2 for Log and 4 for Database ( but this is absolute minimum)

Why you have 16 cores??? i more than sure that 4 would be enough… You just paid additional $15K for SQL server for nothing + 4 processors eating your memory…

Problem with 5500 series - it has separate memory per processor so you actually have only 1GB per processor and it is not enough even to load SQL. You just constantly reading from HDD.

My recoomendation - throw 3 processors and move all memory to one processor + add additional memory. This will give you 10+ time speed increase… Then add additional HDD and you will get addional 2-4 times speed increase.

While I don’t disagree with any of the above comments on hardware, I also say don’t overlook the possible need to do some application/DB tuning. A couple years ago, we upgraded one of our larger clients for version 4 to version 5. Their DB was a bit over 100 GB at that time. Their nightly Adjust Cost went from ~1 hour to ~6 to 8 hours each night. This created some major operations headaches. With a little analysis followed by some index and code tuning we were able to get the nightly run back to well under 1 hour.

Today that database is 300 GB. A typical nightly adjust cost creates 25,000 value entries and runs in under 20 minutes. And yes this is running on some very serious hardware, you might even call it overkill.

But that is not my point. My point is don’t just accept that adjust cost takes for ever to run. Investigate why and resolve the issues. And run it daily.


(This is in response to your private email)

I’m sorry but I am not able to release confidential client contact information. Beside I’m not sure what you would expect to learn. They were not involved in any of the technical work. That’s what they pay us for. They just know it got faster. The things we did was to basically follow many of the performance guidelines that can be found on this and “that other popular site”.

I’m glad to answer questions that you have, as best I can. Post your questions to this thread and not via private email. They may help someone else with similar issues.

another question: when this process are running (adjustment cost); do you use the system normally ? invoice, orders, etc? because here we use the system 24x7 (every day, including weekends).

Hi Mario,

This can help you:


FYI…If your going to change drive’s might as well get some 15k scsi!
I love my Cheetah’s

Unless you got some of those awsome Raptor 10,000-RPM SATA

There is typically little or no activity when adjust cost is running, The site is creeping toward 24x7 but not quite there yet. We have about a 2 hour window of donwtime each night.

Tks all;

1st I will buy 8 or 12Gb memory, but I´m I would like to Know, what the better configuration for my HD´s… Today we have

RAID 1 = 2 disks with 140GB (C:)

RAID 1 = 2 disks with 450GB (D:)… what´s your recommendation?

OS RAID 1 : 2 drives

DB Raid 10 : 4 or 8 drives

LOG RAID1 : 2 drives

Temp DB RAID 1 : 2 drives


Exists any process (batch, patch, ect…) to improve the SQL performance, like rebuild index, etc…??