125 sessions on Navision 3.01

Do any has a similar environment. 125 sessions in Navision 3.01. I have two Buiness units split into two database each having 60 sessions. now we want to work on one single. database. I want to know how does this affect Navision performance, pheasability, blocking problems… Both databases are native navision databases

we have 37 in our 3.01 after we switched to multi-disk Navision-only server the performance has dramatically improved.

the database is laying on a multidisk SCUSI with RAID 1 with an IBM server 1.8GHZ and 2GB RAM. The hardware performance is very good, But i am afraif of the big number of sessions in Navision 125 session. table Locking, etc…

Kamal: We have around 120 sessions on Navision 3.10. After reconfiguring our server to RAID -1 with 6 disks performance is very acceptable. We still have table locking problems at times. (We do alot of batch jobs, even in the day.) We have loads of customization. The database is around 40 GB and we use the E-ship (portions of Whse), UBP, and Credit Card add-on granules. We also have two companies and around 9 remote offices. We use Citrix to establish our users in remote locations. Our biggest bottle neck tends to be the network traffic. With some 90 users active at any given time, performance varies. Someone in Latin america running a large report (with the wrong key), combined with multiple stations ship, service agents enter sales orders, batch jobs, and all the different departments posting you will get table locks. Although we have very nearly removed most of our problems. The server is 2.4 Ghz, 6GB Ram, 12 Disk DAS (Ultra 320) 35GB 15K Rpm drives, Navision handles the disk commit. We had better performance with the RAID controller handling the disk writes but it is much more risky. Navision appears to handle the number of users fine but I think it is a struggle much above 130 sessions. This does depend on your type of business, number of active users, network speed, server speed, customizations, batch jobs, etc… You may have to tweak some things to keep the happy perfomrance but Navision can handle it.