123456700-123456799 and NSCs

I already asked this question on mibuso but had only one reply/opinion so I ask here again.

In our partner license, there is a RIMDX permission on a strange range: 123456700…123456799 on all objects.

Does anybody have an idea what is this for?

One of opinions is that it’s for MSDN purposes (f. e. for training and testing) but I’m not sure what will be “for MSDN purposes”…

Yes this is the MSDN range, and form my understanding it should not be in the Partner license range.

Well, it is in our license but that could be mistake of our microsoft center…

What they use this range for (except MSDN term that, unfortunatly says nothing to me, though, I do know what MSDN is…).
If we, as partners, cannot use it, who can? Schools/Learning licence type owners? Is that range for that kind of education?

Yes, it is for education and testing.

The reason it should not be in a partner/customer license is to avoid using it for making live-system customisations.