1190 in module 19 during backup. I need help

hi ! i need help . Want to make a backup ( from NA-Client 3.10A )and get an error: Error 1190 … Module 190… Table: G/L Entry… I saw some commets about this problem but no solution. Try and error in this case is not possible because of the size of the table. Does anybody has an idea to solve the problem ? Thank You.

Maybe a long shot, but anyway… Are You running on SQL? Sometimes I have seen problems with Navisions internal backup function when running on SQL due to characters in the primary key that “shouldn’t be there”. This is mostly because of import of data not done by the C/SIDE Client but on the SQL level. In these cases we have looked for characters outside the “normal” scope of ASCII characters and renamed those records. //Lars

That may be caused by lower case letters sitting in the “code” fields. SQL will let you do that through the Ent. Mgr. If that is your case, fix that by running a fieldA := UPPERCASE(fieldA) on the affected table. Alex

This error appears normally when you import data thru’ SQL and not use Navision Dataports. We have observed this when we used No. Series like ‘0013837’, zeros characters appearing at beginning and in Primary Keys. In some cases, the Primary Key Test also fails. No satisfactory solution from Navision also when approached. But we have addressed in some cases by deleting data in existing table and then importing using Dataports.[:(]