1099 Report

Is there a way to run a report which will show you all people that should get 1099’s along with the amount ?

I’m using Navision 2009 SP1/ SP2.

In the Vendor card for each reportable Vendor, open the Payments Section, and change “10990 Code:” to MISC-7 (or other as needed, just don’t use the plain “MISC”) Now all future invoice payments will have this MISC code.
Open Ledger for customer you need to report, and add two Columns “1099 Code” and “1099 Amount”. Edit these to match the 1099 code used and the 1099 Amount to report.

Run the Report called “Vendor 1099 Information” -setting the date filters, of course! This one shows a SUMMARY of all payments with the 1099 codes
Also run the other Reports if needed, “Vendor 1099 MISC”, Vendor 1099 DIv" or Vendor 1099 Int" as needed.

I hope this helps!

Is there a way to do this retroactively-- I’ve just started with a company and they’ve never set the 1099 code field in the past, they’re all blank. Is there a way to set them all to MISC-07 and then run a report that will give me all of the applicable information from last year, before codes were set, rather than just going forward?

Thanks for the information!

I’m running version US 4.00 SP3