100% customer Satisfaction


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I think 100% satisfaction is more less the same concept of zero defect in manufacturing. … Based on these two grounds, I think 100% customer satisfaction is possible.

Name 1 manufacturing process with zero defects !


Originally posted by Valentin Gvozdev If you answer is “I am” – you are ready to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

There is a difference between being ready to offer 100% customer satisfaction (aren’t we all ?), and offering 100% customer satisfaction a 100% of the time (like you are stating, … and which is to my personal opinion : [:o)])

My assumption for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is: If customer satisfied they pay for the work If customer not satisfied you return money they paid so they became satisfied again, because they did not pay for something they do not like. So in this case 100% satisfaction 100% time is very easy to achieve. But it is possible that you will not be paid[V].

My humble opinion: This assumes that every client has 100% integrity. That seems entirely unrealistic. 100% commitment, effort, and skill by an NSC does not necessarily = 100% customer satisfaction, because people’s reactions are the most imprecise science you will find. Even saying 100% of specified functionality working perfectly = 100% customer satisfaction is not true. I think the idea portrayed here is essentally a good one, but it doesn’t allow for the diversity of people - one person could claim to be happier with a product than another who essentially feels the same way about it, just because they are a more positive person. Some people have it in their nature to always expect more - they will never claim to be 100% satsified, because their outlook on life is that you should always strive to better what you already have. To them, claiming 100% satisfation would be complacent. And some people are just indecent enough to claim 99.9% satisfaction to get their money back. In the end, this could come down to your entire project’s money relying on one person at the client site being in the right mood on the day you ask them! After saying all this, I believe of course that we should still try and achieve this at all times. I’ve had a bad week - maybe on Monday I’ll see it differently [;)]


Originally posted by Valentin Gvozdev
My assumption for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is: If customer satisfied they pay for the work If customer not satisfied you return money they paid so they became satisfied again, because they did not pay for something they do not like.

I don’t think you’re right. [}:)] The unsatisfied customer would not become satisfied just if you return him his money. I you made a bad job you not only wasted his money, but also his and his employees time. I will not turn around just by returning the money he paid. And even if you also agrees to return him money for the time he and his employees did use for this, then he’s still agreevated, he has to start all over doing the same things again, where he could be out and making more money for his company.

Erik, I absolutely agree with you that returning money will make customer satisfied. But this is common definition for 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any advertisement on TV or Journals that claim 100% satisfaction tells you only that you will get your money back if you do not like the product. This is your responsibility to evaluate product and decide do you need it or not before you order it. And nobody will return you money for time that you spent reading manuals and playing with product after you received it. In terms of NSC and customer it means: 1. Customer still has to evaluate NSC even if NSC claim 100% satisfaction guarantee. 2. NSC still has to evaluate Customer before they sign 100% guarantee contract. 3. After contract is signed Customer has full responsibility for time and efficiency for there employees and NSC has for there.

Hi Everybody, This is a very interesting topic.Some of the points which I feel important are : 1) No product in the world can satisfy the customer 100% .Reason being customers definitions of 100% satisfaction keep on changing. ( Remember the ever changing customers requirements after sign off. Ya, if he feels satisfied by asking us to change every now and then and is also ready to pay for it good.) 2) We have to satisfy the customer as far as possible and especially at the time of the project milestones when the payment is due. 3)When we say customer in ERP it is very difficult because of the various aspects like : a) Company CEO / Director has some expectations from the NSC ( Some times unrealistic to achieve) b) Employees at various levels and the data entry persons have various expectations from the the software and the implementors. These expectations might at times be very opposite in nature of what the other employees / CEO may have. 4) Blame it on the pre sales consultant if he has created the impression - this system will do everything you say . Regards, Prashant Lingayat Project Manager .

Is it possible to put down in writing, the measurable criteria for customer satisfaction? To bring one more dimension here: Who is the Customer here? -CEO who’s requirements/expectations are different than that of -CFO,IT Dept.,Dept. Head,the End-User I think, smaller the things/requirements, easier to make customer 100%(or nearly) satisfied & larger/complex the requirements, v.difficult to estimate customer satisfaction. I feel the need to refer one of those books from Philip Kotler on Marketing/Customer satisfaction.