100% customer Satisfaction

HI. If you participated on the first Navision World conference you should remember book with name “BLUR”. This book is about customer specific products and services and 100% customer satisfaction. When I read it four years ago I was laughing inside. 100% customer satisfaction in the implementation business was sound like JOKE for me. Now with more than 7 years of implementation experience I start to think that it may be a very good business strategy. Is there any solution center in the World that offering 100% customer satisfaction? Are there Navision Professionals who ready to offer there customers 100% satisfaction?

Been brainwashed by management ?

Val, I agree 100% that offering 100% customer satisfaction would be THE BUSINESS STRATEGY. If only anyone could afford to pay for it, then I would be happy to deliver it! [;)] In reality then I think this goal is impossible to reach. As well as no ISP would ever offer 100% up-time for their customers. Because all it takes is one mistake, one uhappy customer (who you simply misunderstood while make his system/implementation). And just in trying to reach the goal, the NSC would have to put so many resources into pleasing the customer, that the cost would be extrame. But I still like the goal, although I feel that 100% is impossible…

Hi Erik, I have question for next poll: How many customers from last ten you worked with was 100% satisfied with your work? What do you think?

Hi Erik if you believe that the 100% goal is impossible, haven’t you already failed? It is now the time for me to spout cliché after cliché after cliché, but it is Friday afternoon, so I won’t [:D] Just be 100% satisfied in the effort you have put in to get the customer 100% satisfied.

75% of all ERP software implementation do not meet target for dates and/or money. So meeting 100% customer expectations 100% of the time is a joke. It’s a nice objective, such as 0 ppm in a production environment, or 0 defects in production but it is a slogan and nothing more. Yes you should aim for it, but you have to be realistic.

Hi Gunther, Average salary in US 15K but it does not mean that nobody gets 200K. So 75% of all ERP do not meet target does not tell anything. What is you personal success rate? I have about 80%. How far am I from 100%? What do I need to do to reach 100? Maybe if bring together 10-20 people with 80% success rate customer will have 100%.

Keep the benchmark at 100%. We know that it can never be reached, but always try to reach it thus improving our Service. How do you define 100% satisfaction? Sometimes I think you can reach it, for eg. Customer requesting print a report in particular existing format as is or some analytical forms, procedure which can be achieved. So if the requirement is spelled out exactly and measured it may well be possible? Who will decide whether the Customer is 100% satisfied? Only the customer? Hi Erik, why don’t you setup some Poll here to check out same. I wouldn’t be surprised if MBS provides a link to your site(as reference for free)if polls yields positive results. Another Idea.[8D]

Hi, I think only customer can decide this. And you should guarantee 100% refund if they are not satisfied.

I do believe that 100% satisfaction is rare but indeed possible. Probably someone has managed it. However considering that its the customer who determes the level of satisfaction, Some customers would never admit that you have done a perfect job. I guess its a customer strategy of trying to make us improve always!

Very good point, But sounds like solution center and customer is in a little war with each other. I think this happen only when customer is not satisfied already. Do you think that anybody who has received perfectly done job would risk to loose a partner just because they do not want admit that work was done perfect? I think that “100% customer satisfaction” should make customers more responsible for there part of implementation and for there decisions.

I have done projects in Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, USA. I can tell you that there is an enormous difference in customer perception all over the world. I can assure you that Quality standards in the USA are much lower than in Europe. Personally I think those standards are better in the USA because they are more fit for use, they focus on the job, what needs to be done. At the same time it is easier to get customer satisfaction in USA than in Europe.

It seems like its much easier to reach 100% satisfaction in the USA In fact 90% satisfaction in Europe could probably be applied to the USA customers and reach 100% according to USA Quality standards, With some adjustments offcause. You mentioned that the focus in the USA is on the Job (what needs to be done). Out of curiosity -What is the primary focus in Europe?

HI, Is any NSC sertifyed in ISO-10006 or ISO-9000? Does it help to improve customer satisfaction?

Ofcourse the primary focus is also functionality. But for example I know for a fact that a lot more effort is put into making everything idiot proof. In the US (and also some parts of Europe) let say a work instruction is written of how something should be done, and everybody is following that route. Over here customers are very inventive in creating what-if scenario’s. Also it depends on the granule you are tackling. I think everybody will agree that it easier to get customer satisfaction in the S&R / P&P granules, than in the Manufacturing granule. I do not think there are a lot of software companies which are ISO/QS certfified, and I think it could help them to be honest. At least it gives you a clear working methodology and forces you not to skip fundamental steps in the process.

Of Course 100% Customer Satisfaction is certainly possible if … 1. The Customer knows what he wants or expects from the system (unfortunate that not many of them know it themselves!!) 2. The Consultants know what he/she has to offfer and how 3. And last… but not the least… pray that Microsoft and C/Side dont come out with last minute surprises :slight_smile: Cheers

I think 100% satisfaction is more less the same concept of zero defect in manufacturing. Rohith gets a very good point. Customers should know what they want. But on the other hand, as a consultant, we should know how to guide customers too. Based on these two grounds, I think 100% customer satisfaction is possible. It is definitely not an easy task as well.

Are we not trying to measure something for which the unit of measure is not defined. I have a customer who is satisfied with the NSC services but not with the product for few things. For eaxample he says , Navision is not consistent, like customer code, Gl account code etc, it does not allow to change the dimension code if there are ledger entries. On the other side, it is also an expectations game.

I think the unit of measure is perfectly defined. You just have to ask your client. If they are not 100% satisfied they can skip payment. Put this statement on your work order and you will have definite answer on the question every time they sign it. From my point of view you have to answer on one question for your self: Who is responsible if customer is not satisfied with any aspect of your work (including “possible surprises from Navision”-read bugs[xx(])? If your answer is “Customer” or Navision – you should better leave the industry. If your answer is “Both” – you are working in a common company that spend 30-50% of there time disputing Payments, Credits and rework. If you answer is “I am” – you are ready to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

A good point Val, but I still think that an goal of reaching 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time is 100% impossible! [;)] But aming to reach 100% customer satisfication 99% of the time would sure be a possible and realistic goal.