100% CPU when mouse cursor on workbar

We found a very strange bug, try it on different computers/server, looks they have all the same problem. Problem: When you open a database (Cronos demo database as example), and you scroll in different windows, you can use de scroll on the mouse, sometimes use the buttons on the work bar (forward, backword etc.), do this for a lot of time, (see taskmanager), when you keep the mouse on the workbar and the tooltip appears cpu goes to 100%. We did the test on different machines, if the database is big (cronos = little), you can expect this problem very fast. Sounds stupid, but we use navision on a citrix server (Dual CPU/ lot of space free/win2k/SP3/navision 3.10/ CTR 1.8 FR2). And a user let the mouse cursor on the workbar, you know the result. Performance goes slow, on both cpu to >50%, and this for one user! We test it on windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000 on different machine and the problem is really related to navision. TEST IT, maybe you have a solution, i can disable the tooltips, but or users are not so familair with the navision environment and need the tooltips. It looks like the cache become full, try different settings but, the problems stays, only the time changed when the problem appears. Greetings GRT

It’s the tooltips that is doing this in WTS/Citrix. But You shouldn’t have this error when not running WTS/Citrix. I think it was fixed in some later version (at least we dont have this problem when running 3.70 on WTS2003). Upgrade Your executables to 3.70 with latest hotfix (No. 12) if possible.

Thanks Lars, I thought also that the problem was on the citrix server, great were my eyes when i try it on a fresh installation of windows XP prof on a compaq laptop. The time when this bug appears is only longer on a local computer. I did never notice this local, why? Easy, i do not monitoring on my local station, and when the processor rise 100% i never notice it because i’m on the workbar and do nothing. Only other users will be notice the slow performance, but the problem is there ==> Citrix I will look for the update’s and patches. GRT

We are having this problem also. we are running the 3.10 client on WTS. the system will go slow with high CPU on one user. If we shadow the users session and check what they are doing, we find they are not doing anything. Question, can we upgrade to the later client on the terminal server without doing any changes on the SQL backend database server?

Going from 3.10 to a newer version can be a bit tricky on SQL since there are new fields in the Session view which You need to modify manually. If You know Your SQL it’s no problem though. The safe way is to do a backup with the Navision client (3.10), create a new database with 3.70 Client and restore into the new database.