1 invoice / 1 amount / 12 maturities

Hi All Every year we get several vendor invoices with 1 amount who is splitted into 12 amounts (due every month). Is there a possibility to show different due dates for one open vendor ledger entry? I try to avoid to post such invoices 12 times. bye André

Each vendor ledger entry only has one due date field - therefore to have several due dates, you need several vendor ledger entries. Have you tried using the purchase journal to post the invoice lines? It would be much quicker to do it (this only works however if you are booking purchase invoices to general ledger lines, and not through inventory).

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… Have you tried using the purchase journal to post the invoice lines? …

This sounds good. Unfortunately (in this case) we use a ‘Tracking’ - system for vendor invoices. All invoices are registered in a record called ‘Incoming Invoices’. Each invoice gets a number (later “Document No.”). From here you can only select ‘Refuse’, ‘Assign to Order’ and ‘Assign to Invoice’. It is a good system to track all unpost invoices. I’m afraid we can’t use the purchase journal [:(]. bye André

The only thing that I can think then is to create a purchase journal which closes the original vendor ledger entry for the invoice, and then creates several new lines in the journal for each amount due on different dates. You could possibly have a piece of code written to automate the process or to generate the journal for you before posting it. Slightly crude, however, often the simplest ideas work… Have a goods weekend.